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Fide Test A1, A2, B1

A valid Covid certificate (vaccinated, recovered or tested) is required for the examination. Persons without a valid Covid certificate are not allowed to take part in the examination.

Introduction fide test:

Fide Test A1, A2, B1

ILS-Bern is an accredited fide examination centre and conducts the fide test at CEFR levels A1 to B1. With a fide language passport you can prove your oral and written language skills in German, French and Italian.

Description fide Test:

The fide test was initiated by the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM) and is recognised throughout Switzerland. You can use it with authorities for residence permit extensions B or C or for naturalisation, when registering for further education or when looking for a job in your application documents.

The fide test measures oral and written language skills separately. The fide test is composed of a "speaking and understanding" part and a "reading and writing" part. You can either take both parts (Speaking / Understanding and Reading / Writing) or only one part (Speaking / Understanding or Reading / Writing).

The fide test procedure is not an ordinary test with grades. You will not receive a "pass" or "fail" as a test result, but you will be shown the CEFR level (A1, A2 or B1) achieved in the various skills, depending on the skills shown and your tested language knowledge (German, French or Italian).

Our language school ILS-Bern is accredited by the fide office to take the fide language certificate and conducts weekly fide tests and monthly fide test preparation courses.

Registration fide test in Bern:

The number of places at the fide tests is limited. Please register early using the registration form or directly with us on site.
The respective registration deadline can be found in the table "fide-Test Dates & Registration Deadlines".

Unsubscribe fide test:

For cancellations up to the registration deadline before the respective examination day, a cancellation fee of CHF 50 will be charged. For cancellations after this deadline, the entire fee will be charged.

Test Results:

The results of the fide test, the language passport and the certificate will be sent to the graduates by post directly from the fide office in 3084 Wabern after approx. 4 weeks.

Preparation courses for the fide test:

Prepare for the fide test at ILS-Bern: Take a preparation course for the fide test in private or group lessons at ILS-Bern.

fide test duration:

Speaking and understanding: Approx. 40 min.

Reading and writing: Approx. 65 min.

The fide test takes place twice a week: On Thursday or Friday afternoon. The exact test times are usually announced to the participants 1-2 weeks before the test date.

fide test costs:

Entire fide test: CHF 250.-

Oral part fide test (speaking and comprehension): CHF 170.-

Written part fide test (reading and writing): CHF 120.-

Examination dates (oral and/or written)


Examination date
Deadline for registration and deregistrationAvailable seats
04 November 202119.10.20219
11 November 202126.10.202110
18 November 202102.11.202110
25 November 202109.11.202110
02 December 202116.11.202110
09 December 202123.11.202110
16 December 202130.11.202110
23 December 20217.12.202110

Examination date
Deadline for registration and deregistrationAvailable seats
29 October 2113.10.20210
05 November 2120.10.20210
12 November 2127.10.202110
19 November 2103.11.202110
26 November 2110.11.202110
03 December 2117.11.202110
10 December 2124.11.202110
17 December 2101.12.202110

With the ILS Bern you can get a successful fide language passport

Our language teachers are carefully selected by going through a long procedure and having to pass special exams. Therefore, we can tell you with a clear conscience that our tutors are very familiar with the subject matter and the current syllabus, so that our preparation courses and our learning materials are always readjusted to the current fide tests. Our fide exam preparation courses are an optimal solution for effective learning and the key to a successful fide language pass.

What exactly is the fide test?

The fide test was developed on behalf of the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM). With the fide test you can have your German language skills certified. The test tasks relate to German levels A1 - B1 and refer to various everyday situations such as at work, a visit to the doctor, shopping or at the municipality. The fide test is divided into two parts; on the one hand an oral part (speaking and understanding) and a written part (reading and writing).

Who can take part in the fide test?

The fide test is open to anyone 16 years of age or older.

People with a disability can also take part in the fide test. Special rules apply to them, which are agreed with the examination institution and the fide office.

How do I register for the fide test?

You can contact one of our ILS International Langue School directly or register via the registration form. When registering for the fide test, you can choose between the whole part of the test (oral and written) or between only one of the exam parts (oral or written).

IMPORTANT: The number of places on the fide tests is limited. Please register early!

What does the fide test cost?

The whole test (oral and written) costs CHF 250.

Only the oral part (speaking and understanding) costs CHF 170.-.

Only the written part (reading and writing) costs CHF 120.

How long does the fide test take?

The oral part of the fide test lasts 40 minutes, the written part 60 minutes.

The fide test takes place twice a week: On Thursday or Friday afternoon. The exact test times are usually announced to the participants 1-2 weeks before the test date.

When will I receive the results / my fide language certificate?

You will receive your fide language certificate or language passport and the test results directly by post approx. 4 weeks after taking the test. Unfortunately, no information regarding the test results can be given over the phone.

We as ILS Bern prepare you optimally for the fide test

In our ILS Language Centre Bern, we prepare you purposefully and successfully for the fide test. In addition to the group preparation courses for the fide-Test (in groups of two or three), you are also welcome to book effective individual tuition in our exam preparation course for the fide-Test, which you complete as a private course in our ILS Language Centre Berne. In the fide-Test private course, you benefit in particular from the mass of teaching time, your language teacher concentrates only on you and you can individually set your focus in the different subject areas.