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Online language courses

Online language courses

Private online lessons
from 49.

The ILS conducts the language courses with zoom. Zoom is an audio-video program and allows you to communicate conveniently and easily via the Internet. The use of Zoom through us is free of charge. During the language course you can both see and hear your teacher. The teacher can also see and hear you through the program. Since Zoom works over the Internet, it does not matter how far apart you are.

What are the advantages of an online language course via Zoom?

You learn with teachers from all over the world! Via Zoom you can meet your teacher whenever you want. You can keep your appointments almost anywhere, whether at home, in a café or in the office*.

You have a personal conversation with your teacher and can hear and see him or her. The teacher can correct your pronunciation just like in a normal language course.

You can also exchange written documents with your teacher using the chat function on Zoom. Your teacher can send you exercises or write down difficult words.

Online language course - these are your advantages

Individually selectable course times and days

Certified mother-tongue teachers

No access to a school

Free and non-binding trial lesson