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The safety and health of our fellow human beings has the highest priority at ILS, which is why we constantly keep ourselves informed about current information from the authorities and adapt our internal processes and regulations.

At ILS, a general mask obligation has been in force since 14 September 2020.

Coronavirus - We protect ourselves!


YOUR LANGUAGE SCHOOL IN THE HEART OF BERN - German courses and 40 other language courses

Language courses in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and other languages

The International Language School has been supporting you in learning foreign languages for almost 10 years. The history of our language school began with its first location in the heart of Bern. Today we have three more locations in Basel, Solothurn and Aarau.

Specialized in teaching foreign languages to adults, we offer a wide range of courses in German, French, English, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Turkish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and many other languages. Immerse yourself in the world of language learning and broaden your personal horizons.

Super Intensive German Courses in Small Groups

Daily 4 lessons (bestseller)

Non-binding trial lessons in private lessons - see for yourself!

You pay nothing if you're not satisfied.

Non-binding trial lessons in private lessons

You don't pay anything,
if you're not satisfied.
Telc German Certificate Bern, A1, A2, B1, B2

Next Telc exam dates

for German A1 & C1

exam datesDeadline for registration and deregistrationLate registration period (for a fee)Available seats

for German B1

exam datesDeadline for registration and deregistrationLate registration period (for a fee)Available seats

for German A2

exam datesDeadline for registration and deregistrationLate registration period (for a fee)Available seats

for German B2

exam datesDeadline for registration and deregistrationLate registration period (for a fee)Available seats

Examination dates (oral and/or written)


Examination date
Deadline for registration and deregistrationAvailable seats
04 November 202119.10.20219
11 November 202126.10.202110
18 November 202102.11.202110
25 November 202109.11.202110
02 December 202116.11.202110
09 December 202123.11.202110
16 December 202130.11.202110
23 December 20217.12.202110


Examination date
Deadline for registration and deregistrationAvailable seats
29 October 2113.10.20210
05 November 2120.10.20210
12 November 2127.10.202110
19 November 2103.11.202110
26 November 2110.11.202110
03 December 2117.11.202110
10 December 2124.11.202110
17 December 2101.12.202110

ILS-Bern, International Language School, your language school in Bern

German courses, English courses, French courses, Italian courses, Spanish courses & more

Private or in small groups for individuals and companies

If you are looking for a competent language school in Bern, you have come to the right place. No matter whether you would like to learn German for a language stay or are interested in another language - we offer you intensive German courses, English courses, French courses, Italian or Spanish courses, language courses at levels A1 to C1 for private individuals and companies.

We are an internationally recognized language school in Bern that supports people of all ages and backgrounds in acquiring foreign languages. Simply select the type of lessons you would like, the time and the level of the lessons and, for example, arrange the Intensive German Course, English Course or French Course according to your needs.

Whether you are studying German for a language stay or you want to learn a different language, our private courses offer flexible course times as well as individual course structure. You can expect an intense training of your communication skills and an attractive value-for-money ratio.

In group lessons with three to a maximum of six students, you can meet new people and learn languages in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. We also offer day and evening courses at our language school in Bern at various language levels. A free placement test will be carried out before your first course.

We are available for an elaborate consultation interview. Please contact us - we look forward to receiving your enquiry!

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01.01.2021NEW YEAR
02.04.2021CAR-FREE DAY
Learning German in Bern - Pilot Project German Bonuses City of Bern

For the coming year, the City of Berne is launching a pilot project and distributing 500 vouchers of CHF 400 each to residents of the City of Berne to help them learn German. The pilot project Deutsch-Bon makes it possible to learn German in the city of Bern, even on a small budget. Those who meet the conditions for a German voucher will find learning German in Bern easy: voucher holders can redeem their German voucher at participating language schools and thus receive a contribution of CHF 400 towards the course costs from the City of Bern. The ILS Bern participates with great pleasure in the pilot project Deutsch-Bon and is looking forward to welcoming voucher holders soon!

Learn German in an Intensive German Course

You would like to learn German and are looking for a language school in Bern? Our intensive German course for two to six participants offers the best option to learn the German language as quickly as possible. Learn German in the Intensive German Course at the ILS - with us you will quickly learn the basic structures, vocabulary and grammar of the German language through everyday conversation and listening comprehension exercises, role plays and many other exercises.

The intensive German course also includes an excursion to the region - the aim is to establish social contacts, speak German with each other and thus learn German in a fun way. In addition, the Intensive German Course includes a film evening with consecutive discussion, a brunch and exercises for independent study.
For further information on the Intensive German Course, please do not hesitate to contact us.

English course in Bern

Discover the English language and take an English course at our language school in Bern. It doesn't matter at what level your language skills are - we offer English courses in different language levels. With us you are guaranteed to find the right English course to improve your language skills.
We offer an English course in Bern in group courses for two to six people as well as private lessons. In the English course we teach you basic knowledge about the country, people and culture as well as the correct pronunciation, spelling, grammar, sentence structure and structure. Through grammar exercises, listening and reading comprehension exercises, conversations and discussions, you will learn the language in the twinkling of an eye.

French course in Bern

If you would like to take a French course at a language school in Bern, we offer you different dates. Whether group courses or private lessons - in the French course you will be taught comprehensive learning content. Of course, we also take your language level into account.
You can learn the language from scratch or improve and expand your already existing language skills. We will gladly answer any of your questions regarding our French language courses.

Spanish Course in Bern

At our language school in Bern you can discover the Spanish language and attend a Spanish course. We offer Spanish courses at all levels of the European Framework of Reference for Languages. At our school you are guaranteed to find the right Spanish course to improve your Spanish skills. Whether you are looking for a group course or individual tuition, we have the right Spanish course for you. In Spanish classes you will not only learn grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation of the Spanish language, but also a lot about the country, its people and its culture. Small groups and low prices round off the perfect Spanish course for you.

Italian Course in Bern

At ILS you find Italian language courses on all levels of competence. Individual courses and small groups help you to rapidly improve your Italian skills. Learn Italian in no time and participate in an Italian course in our school. You will not only familiarize yourself with grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation of Italian, but also get to know many different topics relating to the country, people and culture. Learning Italian made easy with a language course in our school!

Preparation courses for the fide test

You would like to have a nationally recognised fide language certificate about your abilities in the German language?
ILS prepares you for the desired Fide test in a specific preparation course. Own exercise materials as well as fide sample examinations serve thereby as basis for the preparation course.

Preparation courses for the fide test You can also take a private course at the ILS. In the fide private course, you benefit in particular from the teaching time and decide alone which focal points are set in the course. You can choose between private lessons as an individual course or in a group of two or three that you form yourself.

How long does it take to learn a language and reach a language level?

What language levels are there? What is my current language level? Which language level do I have to reach? What level is the exam? These are just a few of the many questions that language learners often ask and seek answers to. An answer with many variables It is difficult to give a concrete answer to this question. Various factors can have an influence, such as [...]

Advantages of a Cambridge Certificate

The Cambridge examinations and the Cambridge Certificate obtained with them are a concept in Switzerland and in many other countries. With a special Cambridge Bern examination training course you can prepare yourself well for the exam. Cambridge exams impart basic knowledge of the English language, determine your level of English and increase your opportunities for work, study, travel [...]

Learning French made easy

Would you like to learn French and possibly take a French course? This is a good idea, because France is not only a popular holiday destination, but also an important trading nation. After English, French is still the second most influential language in the world. Through our language school Bern and our language course Bern you can learn French in a simple way and with great pleasure [...]

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